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"Kiebitz 2" & Co.

by Michael Bungard

The dugout sculpture "Kiebitz 2" is the second boat in the art project

"Kiebitz in the boat - 3 dugout canoes in Oberndorf".

Brief description on the website

Project overview of the "Kinder zum Olymp!" competition

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The sculpture, which invites you to play with wind and sun, was created from an oak tree felled in the Wingst forest of Jörn Möller in the spring of 2009, together with the other two boats.

118 children and 33 adults were involved in its creation in cooperation with KunstWerkGrün and the then "Kiebitzschule Oberndorf".

Finally, in the summer of 2011, she stood in the school yard fully equipped with a yellow sail.

After the regrettable closure of the primary school, there was a revival in the middle of the village in 2018.

KunstWerkGrün hoisted at this place in June 2022 a new sail as a sign of solidarity with new neighbors in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Textile Sonnenschutz-Technik GmbH was able to give us a friendly discount for this special occasion.

The new sail can also be adjusted with the help of lines: it becomes a "real" sail as a wind catcher or flies high as a sun sail.

At the shorter end of the rope, a corner of the sail can be pulled to the hull of the boat.

With the longer end of the rope, the sail can be tensioned as a roof.

One of the two ends of the rope should always be attached to the black cleat by a cleat hitch.

Sail to the beaches of the world under the sky of the village!

Move your  paddle silently through the water!

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